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<![CDATA[Well3 Noni Juice(PWP)]]>
Desciption :

Free radical a threat? CNI Noni Juice is the solution

Free radicals are chemical substances which can ravage the body because they hasten the aging process and activate cancer cells. Free radicals generate from excessive exposure to the sun’s rays and electronic devices like handphone, computer, television, radio etc. CNI Noni Juice is capable of eradicating free radicals from excessive exposure to the body because of its antioxidant properties. The combination of extracts from the Noni fruit and leaves contain various nutrients which impede free radical multiplication and regulate the body’s organs so that the body stays healthy.

  • To boost immune system and regulate optimal body function
  • Has Xeronine which activate enzymes and enlarges cell membrane pores for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Noni leaf have antioxidants to fight free radicals; contain amino acid, phytonutrient and bioflavonoids to strengthen cell’s immunity
  • Natural blackcurrant juice is added to provide vitamin C and enhance overall taste
  • Contains 100% noni juice, noni leaf extract and blackcurrant juice
  • 330ml

Encourage direct consume

Direction :
Children : 1-2 teaspoon/day
Adult : 2-4 teaspoon/day



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<![CDATA[FOC 1 x Up Teh Tarik OR FOC 1 x Well3 Life Enzyme 30's]]>

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