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Desciption :

Why ISP-10?

  • Scientifically Proven (Chau’s Lab) – Exclusive natural plant-based formulation backed by science
  • Complete & balanced with 10 sprouted grains
  • Optimum bioavailability, patented MENEP technology – A process that significantly increases enzyme and nutrients to an optimum level to help increase more health benefits.

Main Benefits

  1. The choice protein - healthier protein for growth and rejuvenation
  2. Reducing fat – low fat and saturated fat. Free from trans fatty acids and cholesterol
  3. Lean body mass - less fat, more muscle

Extra Benefits

  • Stronger, shinier hair
  • Firmer skin
  • Stronger cartilage
  • Sufficient building blocks for the formation of cells, hormones, and others
  • Lower body cholesterol
  • Less visceral fat
  • Toned muscle


RP : RM 158.00(WM) RM 158.00(EM)
MP : RM 119.00(WM) RM 119.00(EM)
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<![CDATA[WaterLife 5Tech System]]>
Desciption :

Quality Healthy Water

An inspiring result that combines five filtration and activation technology embodied in an elegant and sleek design. You may not only enjoy quality activated purified water, but you also get to enjoy the benefits of trace minerals preserved in the water to activate body cells and maintain your health.


  • Eliminates 99.99% patogens, chemicals, heavy metals, and others
  • FIR beads break down water molecule clusters into smaller molecule for ready absorption
  • Provides additional minerals to the body, and strengthen cells’ health
  • Activated drinking water with no unpleasant taste, smell or colour
  • Secondary filtration with unique fibre filter that inhibits bacterial growth
  • Easy to maintain, sturdy system that operates smoothly
  • Choice of cold(≤10°c) or hot(≥85°c) activated water, anytime at the push of a button

RP : RM 3,200.00(WM) RM 3,300.00(EM)
MP : RM 2,500.00(WM) RM 2,600.00(EM)
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