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Desciption :

K.K.L.I.U 1300/2014

Product Information

  • Natural marine grade coral calcium which contains high level of active nutrients; harvested from the seabed (coral sand)
  • Coral calcium with 73 types of other minerals
  • Ionic form of calcium and readily bioavailable for immediate use by the body
  • Added with vitamin D3 to enhance absorption

Product Benefits

  • Enhances bone density
  • Help in formation and maintainace of bones and teeth

(60 tablets x 1365mg)

Recommended Daily Intake

Adult: 1 tablet twice daily. Take after meal



RP : RM 99.00(WM) RM 99.00(EM)
MP : RM 80.00(WM) RM 80.00(EM)
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<![CDATA[Well3 Neuvizen]]>
Desciption :

K.K.L.I.U 0883/2014

Product Features

  1. 100% natural herbal remedy – mixture of natural carotenoids (a class of natural fat soluble pigments) that keep your eyes healthy
  2. Efficacy – lutein esters are derived from non GMO Marigold flower and contain more than 90% of T-lutein (the active form of lutein)
  3. High bioavailability – lutein ester can enter the intestine in its unaltered form
  4. Suitable for vegetarian

Product Benefits

  1. Improves various symptoms of eye fatigue such as sore eyes and blurred vision
  2. Improves visual acuity in dim light
  3. A healthy choice for preventive measure
  4. Used for general health of eyes


90 vegecaps / 500mg

RP : RM 288.00(WM) RM 288.00(EM)
MP : RM 240.00(WM) RM 240.00(EM)
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