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Mr BS Chew (Malaysia / China)
Food Technologist
Education :

  • Bachelor of Science from the National Taiwan Chung Hsing University

Professional Experience :

  • Professional member of the Malaysian Institute of Food Technologist
  • International member of the Institute of Food Techologist.
  • Credited for setting up the GMP, ISO and HACCP of manufacturing plant
  • More than 20 years R&D experience in F&B industry


Professor Chau Chi Fai  (Hong Kong / Taiwan)
Food Technologist

  • Ph.D. in Biology, M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology, B.Sc. in Food Science

Professional experience:

  • expert in functional food development; Herbal medicines; Food regulations; Food micron- and nano-technology


Thompson Chong (Malaysia / China)
Food Therapist
Professional experience:

  • Experienced nutritionist & food therapist
  • CNI's main health speaker
  • Has Conducted hundreds of Life Enzyme talks
  • providing consultation and guidance on health care to 30,000 people in the Asian countries

Professor Weng Wei Jian (China)
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Pharmacologist
Professional experience:

  • Lecturing professor & chief physician in Dept of Chinese Nutrition Study & Dept of Longevity Study, University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing
  • Published more than 20 academic papers & over 10 academic books on Chinese recuperation science & nutrition
  • Chief & professor in the research of Traditional Chinese Herbalogy, Traditional Chinese Health Preservation, Traditional Chinese Nutriology


Dr Roger V. Kendall (USA)

  • PhD in Organic/Biochemistry

Professional experience:

  • Expert in Biochemistry and Therapeutic Application of DMG
  • Specialise in nutritional research & product development in health industry


Mr David Oien (USA)
Organic Farming Technologist
Professional experience :

  • is a third-generation Montana Farmer
  • an avid supporter of renewable energy and sustainable agriculture for 30 years
  • a founding member of the Pondera Solar Alliance, AERO’s Sustainable Agriculture Task Force, two local organic farmers' chapters, Montana Organic Certification Advisory Committee, and the Montana Organic Association

Dr RamaKrishna (India)
Medical Doctor (Ayurvedic)

  • BSAM,BAMS,MD(Ayu), MSc (Yoga)-S Vyasa, (PhD.Yoga)

Professional experience:

  • Prof & HOD, Sushruta Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital
  • Member Karnataka State Aromatic & Medicinal Plants Board, Govt of Karnataka


Mr Takashi Masuda (Japan)


  • Graduated from "Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences"

Professional experience :

  • Succeeded in establishing technology for culturing beneficial bacteria as a result from research made on symbiotic phenomena of those bacteria.
  • Leading a renowned pharmaceutical company in Japan (TOA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ) for 45 years, which has vast contribution in probiotic industry


Prof Madya Dr Teow (Malaysia)
Medical Microbiologist

  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Microbiology, M.Sc. in Medical Microbiology and Ph.D in Genetic Engineering

Professional experience:

  • Associate professor in Medical Microbiology as well as a consultant at the Innovation Centre of UiTM
  • vast experience in the field of Medical Bacteriology and clinical applications of Ganoderma lucidum, probiotics and sea cucumber
  • keynote speaker for his research at International Scientific Forums on countless occasions


Dr Tan Luck Pheng (Malaysia)

  • B.Sc (joint Honors), University of London

Professional Experience:

  • Lecturer, department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
  • Malaysian delegate to Asean Cosmetics Scientific Body (ACSB), Asean Cosmetic Committee (ACC)
  • President, Asean Cosmetic Association
  • Committee of Technical Working Group, Cosmetic Products(BPFK)


Panel Specialist

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