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EcoFresh Air Therapy System

EcoFresh Air Therapy System

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Unlike most air filtration in the market that only re-circulate the contaminated air. EcoFresh Air Therapy System innovative advance technology has a 2 in 1 purification and humidification function to protect your loves one and transform your home to a safer, cleaner and fresher environment.

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Product Benefits

Product Features

Product Info

Product Benefits

  • Able to release 10 million anions per second to the air that is similar to the fresh and healthy air in forest.

  • Removed dust, pets fur, PM2.5, spores, pollen that can help to improve asthma and sensitive nose.

  • UV light to inhibits bacterial and virus growth.

  • Effectively removes formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC, cigarette smoke and unpleasant smell.

Product Features

  • Anion enrichment leads to an ecological home

  • Intelligent monitoring

  • 2 in 1 purification and natural humidification

  • Triple protection, ease to use

  • 4 filters with 10 purification stages

  • Latest technology to eliminate formaldehyde and dust

  • Combined purification and sterilization effect

Product Info


EcoFresh Air Therapy System combining multi function cleaning, purification, sterilization and sophisticated air monitoring. Now safety in the home no longer a threat. CNI EcoFresh ensures a safe home environment to maintain the best air quality.

Filtration stages

4 filters with 10 purification stages

  1. Pre filter

  2. 3M Hepa filter

  3. Chitosan fiber layer

  4. Activated carbon filter

  5. Molecular sieve absorption

  6. Nano mineral crystal

  7. Photocatalyst filter

  8. UV light

  9. Humidification filter

  10. Anion