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Well3 Tiger Milk Mushroom

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K.K.L.I.U 1367/2012/I

What is tiger milk mushroom?

  1. A type of fungus with nutrition value comparable to lingzhi.
  2. It only grows in the tropical forest of South East Asia, and its rare.
  3. Only 1 mushroom would grow in a radius of 5000m, thus it is costly *
  4. Geographical location will influence its quality and reactivity.
  5. Only certain species have the desired nutrition, despite many similar species available.

*5000m is equal to circling a standard football field, 105m long x 68m wide, 12 times. 100g of tiger milk mushroom cost up to RM300 and the nation’s indigenous people can only accumulate 100kg of this mushroom in 1 year.

Special Features

  1. Safety
    • Proven safe for consumption and free from any toxic ingredients following a 28-day toxicology test.
  2. Quality Assurance
    • Receives recognition for the production of an organic product via genetic tests; our product also underwent chemical test, heavy metal test and microbiology test to comply with the high standards of quality control and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise)
    • JAKIM approved

Recommended Intake

General health maintenance: 1-2 capsules daily with meal or as professionally recommended

Note: To be taken with lukewarm plain water. If you have a health problem, please consult a medical doctor before consuming tiger milk mushroom.


(30 x 250mg)


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