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CNI Motobest Engine Oil 10W-40 (4L)

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CNI MOTOBEST is recommended for petrol, diesel and LPG engines as well as motorcycles.

Motobest 10W / 40 (4 litre)
  • New engine
  • Vehicles for normal use
  • Light vehicles
  • Low temperature gasoline & diesel engines, especially for short distance drive

CNI MOTOBEST is a premium engine oil featuring an advanced lubricant technology from USA with special attributes. The “3 in 1” M.A.S. formula in CNI MOTOBEST engine oil fulfils the needs of conventional engines that thrive on performance and high capacity.

M for Metal Treatment. This formulation contains special anti-friction agent that forms a layer to cover micro pores and lubricate metal surfaces for maximum engine protection against friction. Metal treatment gives lasting protection even before engine start-up and it prevents damage during engine start-up, warm-up and acceleration. A for Addtitives. It has 8 types of additives to inhibit the formation of carbon, sulphuric acid, starch and sludge, oil oxidation and to maintain its viscosity. S for Synthetic. A tougher synthetic oil to reduce engine oil oxidation and carbon formation.


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