Yayasan CNI

Towards a Caring Society


Datin Angeline Koh

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, CNI takes great pride in its involvement in various community projects through its charity arm,Yayasan CNI (CNI Foundation).

Led by Datin Angeline Koh, wife of Group Chairman cum CEO Dato’ Koh Peng Chor, the foundation has never wavered in its quest to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

Established in 1998, Yayasan CNI is the charity arm of the CNI Group. Its aim is to reach out and aid those who are in need regardless of race, colour or religion.


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Notable Aid Projects


A caring heart knows no boundaries. Guided by the philosophy "With a Heart to Warm the World", the foundation has spread its caring wings to many local and international aid projects. Some of the notable ones include:

National & International Disaster Relief Project

  • Organising and establishing a fund of RM500,000 for tsunami victims in India, Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Collecting clothes for the impoverished in Bosnia, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • Donated 20 tonnes of food for the National Flood Foundation.
  • Donated 40 tonnes of food and goods to the Afghanistan refugees.
  • Donation of food and daily necessities worth RM50,000 in aid of Johor flood victims.
  • Donated RM20,000 to the China Earthquake Fund and the Myanmar Flood Fund.
  • Donated RM20,000 to the Gaza Humanitarian Fund.
  • Donated RM30,000 to the Taiwan flood disaster victims
  • Donated RM80,000 of CNI Products to the Indonesia Earthquake victims.
  • Sponsored Movie <2012> Charity Premier Screening fundraising for victims of natural disaster in the Pacific Rim.

Education, National Awareness and Medical/Health Projects

Yayasan CNI always held some philanthropy activities to help those underprivileged communities:-

  • Organised various youth training camps and offered annual education incentives and scholarships for children of CNI’s distributors and underprivileged children
  • Over the year, Yayasan CNI has been contributed RM2 million Children Education Incentive Fund to about 50,000 CNI distributors’ children.
  • Donating 100 units of WaterLife filter systems worth RM170,000 to 100 various charity homes in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.
  • Blood donation campaign
  • Donating dialysis machines to community-run dialysis centres.
  • Initiating the Wishing Tree Programme in fulfilling the wishes of 122 disabled Malaysians.
  • Sponsoring 5 yearly cash donation for the education of native children in Sabah.
  • Carnation Charity Treasure Hunt raised fund for single mothers
  • Launched “Single Parent Family Caring Programme” to help single parent family to start anew life independently and with confidence.
  • Treated 120 orphans to a charity movie premier of “UP” – a lively, much anticipated animated filmed by Disney Pixar.
  •  “Single Parent Family Caring Career Development Project” to built single parent families’ career to attain a steady income for their families.

Goodwill, Solidarity and Cultural Interaction Projects

Yayasan CNI also strives to promote racial unity through its cultural activities and programmes:-

  • Pesta TangLung Cintai Malaysia
  • Konsert Harmoni KeranaMu Malaysia
  • 2002 World Lion & Dragon Dance Championship
  • Yellow River Choir
  • Legend of Liu San Jie Musical Theatre
  • The Roar of the North and South Lion Kings
  • High Poles Lion Dance with 24 Festive Drums
  • An Evening of Chinese Rhapsodies Charity Orchestra Concert
  •  High Poles Lion Dance with Malaysian Drums