Vision & Mission

Snapshot of CNI

With bold determination and a passion to transform people's lives, regardless of race, religion or nationality, CNI has enriched people's lives with offerings of innovative products and services through the sharing of experiences and mutual support. From humble beginnings as a homegrown direct selling enterprise to becoming a trusted public listed company, CNI has reach international shores, nurturing and expanding loyal communities.

With over two decades of growth, CNI continues its progress, uplifting lives in its dynamic communities and assured of a brighter future.

Our Vision We are a dynamic organization continuously striving to enrich the lives of our stakeholders through mutual experience and support.

We believe in achieving our vision by upholding these values :- Teamwork & Partnership, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Recognition, Innovative Opportunities and Brands

Our Mission We are more than just a business; firmly rooted in Asian values, we blend the best of East and West to deliver the highest value to help enrich the lives of our stakeholders.

Uplifting Lives Our concerted efforts are made in earnest to deliver holistic uplifting experiences that enhance the quality of life and inspire you and the people you care.

Asian Values
We advocate loyalty and respect towards self and others to uphold ethics as well as instill social harmony and stability as we strive towards 1 Malaysia, 1 CNI, 1 World.

Western Technology
We encourage and support the pursuit of knowledge and technological excellence to improve our community's wellbeing and to attain market superiority and trust.